Pittsburgh, PA
NASPA Club #655

South Hills Scrabble® Club
Saturdays - 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.
Mt. Lebanon Library - Lower Level

Scrabbling in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
It's A Favorite (Favorit?) : )

ScrabbleWe are a seriously casual Scrabble® club, belonging to the North American Scrabble® Players Association. We meet from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. every Saturday (except public holidays) on the lower level of the Mt. Lebanon Public Library, 16 Castle Shannon Blvd., Pittsburgh, PA 15228. Click here for location and directions.

Amazing fact: We charge no fees for our weekly sessions!

Just show up when you want to play. Bring Scrabble® gear if you have it.

Scrabble We have players ranging from novice to expert. We welcome new players who want to learn competitive Scrabble®. It takes a bit of study and practice - you have to learn handy words like xi, xu, za, qat, qaid and qadi, for instance - but that modest bit of effort richly rewards you with better games and a more agile brain. Click here for some helpful Scrabble® hints and tips.

ScrabbleFor more details, email our club director: Bob Hagerty at jamesrhagerty888@gmail.com. If you like to play Scrabble®, join us! You do NOT have to be a NASPA member to play with us weekly (only for the tournaments). We have members at all levels of play.

Another great Pittsburgh Scrabble Club meets weekly in the Oakland section of Pittsburgh. For details: http://www.pittsburghscrabbleclub.com/

Click here to check out some of the fun and interesting results from our club's weekly meetings and learn some new words!

The next local Scrabble® Tournament is the Mad Hatters' Tournament at the Mt. Lebanon Library on March 7. To check out this and other Scrabble tournaments, visit www.cross-tables.com. To download a registration form for the Mad Hatters' Tournament on March 7, click here.

Another local Scrabble® Tournament is the Three Rivers Revel on June 6-7 at the Holiday Inn Express in Green Tree. To take part in official tournaments, you must be a NASPA member. For more information about the Three Rivers Revel, or to register, visit www.cross-tables.com. To join the North American Scrabble Players Association (NASPA), click on the NASPA link to your left.